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Wooden Pallet Collars

Standard & Euro Size Pallet Collars Available

Same Day Delivery of Pallet Collars Available

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Great Quality Pallet Collars

We offer quality used pallet collars for standard 1200mm x 1000mm pallets & Euro pallet collars 1200mm x 800mm.

We are based in Coventry and supply wood collars for pallets quickly to customers in Rugby, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Exhall, Leamington, Warwick and Stratford upon Avon, but can also supply pallets & collars to clients in Birmingham, Leicester, Solihull, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton, Banbury or even further afield on a same day delivery service.

We also offer next day pallet collar deliveries to most major UK cities, including: London, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Newport, Cardiff & Swansea.

We can also organise delivery of wooden collars to customers in Scotland, including: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Dundee, Aberdeen, Stirling, Dunfermline & Perth. Rural locations can be serviced as part of our Scottish delivery services when required.

Assembled Wooden Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars for Gardeners

Need used wooden pallet collars to create raised beds for flowers or vegetables? In addition to their intended purpose of providing additional protection to palletised goods, wooden collars are very popular with gardeners who have adopted them as an incredibly efficient method of creating raised borders for planting flowers or vegetables in gardens or allotments. They are ideal for creating raised beds and can also be combined with clear plastic sheeting to create cloches – making them an extremely versatile product around the garden. Got a large garden or an allotment and need large quantities of pallet collars to make planters? Give us a call, we may have the perfect pallet collars for you.

Get pallet collars for gardens or allotments delivered conveniently. Pallets with or without collars can be delivered in bulk using HGVs or in vans for the delivery of smaller quantities or when there’s restricted access – as with some allotments. We can deliver your pallets and collars in a range of vans, including: drop side flat beds, Luton vans or small vans where space is particularly tight.

If you need wooden pallets to create compost heaps or collars for raised flower beds or for growing vegetables: why not contact us to discuss your requirements and the delivery options available for your particular delivery address? We can often provide same day delivery of collars to Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Nuneaton, Rugby, Warwick and Leamington Spa from our Warwickshire distribution centre. Or call to arrange collection from our Coventry depot. Our offices are open Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays but deliveries of pallets, collars & kits can often be arranged for weekends if a Saturday or Sunday delivery is needed. Simply ask about our corrugated sheets when contacting us for pallet collars.

If you are collecting your pallet collars from us, we can help load them into your car or van. If you are collecting collars in a car, it might be advisable to contact us for advice on how many should fit into your model of vehicle before visiting as our competitive delivery service might be more practical. We also have for sale corrugated cardboard sheets which are ideal for use as weed barriers. They are perfect for naturally controlling weeds in your raised beds for those wanting to smother weeds without resorting to chemicals etc. Flat sheets of cardboard or old boxes decompose naturally over a few years and represent an eco-friendly alternative to others methods of weed control.

We may also be able to collect free of charge or even buy 120cm x 100cm or 120cm x 80cm pallet collars. A less common size wooden collar which is also bought and sold is 60cm x 80cm. So, if you are looking for a company that buys pallet collars and can collect them quickly from your site, give us a call.

Check Out Solid & Collapsible Custom Made Crates & Cases

Building pallets up using collars for greater protection is a great way to ensure goods are well protected during transit. But If you are actually looking for a collapsable / collapsible or solid crate or case rather than protecting palletised goods with collars… then the team at Defenda Crates will be more than happy to help you.

Fast production of crates and even same day delivery is usually available if you are working to tight deadlines. In addition to producing solid heat treated ISPM 15 crates and cases to order… they also have ready made crates in a few sizes available for immediate collection. Reusable plywood cases with clip-locks are ideal for clients that are short of space and need strong easily stored cases or for customers that want to have their cases dismantled and returned economically.

Do you have pallet collars to sell?

Standard & Euro collars can be bought and collected at short notice when required for site clearances.

We may be able to buy your good quality wooden collars for pallets and collect them free of charge. If you want to discuss us buying your old used pallet collars from Coventry, Birmingham or other parts of the Midlands: call us Monday to Friday between 8.30am & 5.30pm.

For NEW custom made pallets & wooden crates & cases visit: or call us for details on timber crates or cases made to your exact specification.

Great value clear plastic sheeting available for double glazing green houses or creating cloches with our collars – see plastic sheeting

Need to insulate a greenhouse with bubble wrap? Check out quality bubble wrap at defendapack for a choice of large bubble or small bubble size bubble wrap as insulation for your greenhouse or cloches.