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New & Used Plastic Pallets for Sale

New range of lightweight, robust & durable plastic pallets which offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional heavy wooden pallets.

They are easily stackable, reducing valuable storage space when not in use. They are very easy to wash down and of course recyclable when no longer needed.

Perfect for sectors where hygiene and clean working environments are essential such as fresh produce, IT, engineering and pharmaceutical companies. They are suitable for international shipping & do not require ISPM 15 certification like wooden pallets.

Open deck, nest-able display pallet for all your pallet storage needs.

They are considerably lighter than most quality timber pallets, particularly when wet. They don’t splinter or disintegrate and generally have a longer useable life. They have excellent chemical and water resistance, easy wash-down for a reduced risk of harbouring contamination and infestation. As previously stated — they require no heat treatment for international shipping. Simply choose the size you require and call us.

Plastic Pallet Specification

Window 600mm x 400mm Static Load – 150kg – Dynamic Load N/A

Pallet Weight 1kg 800mm x 600mm – Static Load – 1200kg – Dynamic Load 400kg

Pallet Weight 3.3kg 1200mm x 800mm – Static Load – 2500kg – Dynamic Load 800kg (1000kg when flat loaded)

Pallet Weight 5.7kg 1200mm x 1000mm – Static Load – 2500kg – Dynamic Load 800kg (1000kg when flat loaded)

Used Plastic Pallets

Used plastic pallets can usually be supplied quickly in the new plastic pallet sizes referred to above. We supply nationwide with customers in Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester & other areas of the Midlands benefitting from the possibility of same day delivery.

Contact us for more information about our new or used plastic pallets on Coventry 02476014364 or visit our contact page to email your enquiry.