Quick Pallet Size Guide

When it comes to buying used wooden pallets you will generally find you’re restricted to the type of pallets listed below. Our bespoke or custom pallet service means we can make pallets to the exact footprint & strength required when necessary but this pallet size guide should give you a quick idea of what sizes of used wooden pallets you can obtain without too much difficulty.

Most Common Pallets

Standard U.K. Pallets / Perimeter Based Pallets: 1200mm x 1000mm / 120cm x 100cm or 40 x 48″

Euro Pallets: 1200mm x 800mm / 120cm x 80cm

Half Euro Pallets: 800mm x 600mm

CP — Chemical Pallets

CP1 – Four Way Pallets 1200mm x 1000mm

CP3 – Four Way Pallets 1135mm x 1135mm

CP4 – Four Way Pallets 1300mm x 1300mm

CP6 – Four Way Pallets 1200mm x 1000mm

CP7 – Four Way Pallets 1300mm x 1100mm

CP9 – Four Way Pallets 1135mm x 1135mm

For information on the used pallets we have available or to discuss having a custom pallet tailor made contact us during normal office hours. We can also supply a range of used crates & cases with pallet bottoms which are manufactured with ISPM 15 certified timber. You may prefer to commission a custom build to achieve the exact size crate or case you need. If so, then simply visit New Crates

We often have used double Euro pallets & double standard pallets available for sale but they tend to be in high demand and don’t hang around for very long. We can of course produce new pallets if you have a tight deadline, so get in touch.